A New Age of DC Hero Officially Joins the Justice League

The Justice League is about to get even bigger this January with a relatively new character introduced earlier this year during the publisher’s New Age of DC Heroes initiative.

In the pages of Damage #13 by co-creator Robert Venditti and artist Aaron Lopresti, the titular antihero is offered a place on the DC Universe’s premier superhero team after clashing with them in the previous issue. But, given Army veteran Ethan Avery’s unpredictable volatility and fragile state of mind, the hulking figure may find himself coming to blows with the team once again. The cover and advance solicitation information for the issue from DC is below:

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  • written by ROBERT VENDITTI
  • art and cover by AARON LOPRESTI
  • Damage gets a new home: the Hall of Justice! The Justice League takes in former super-soldier Ethan Avery after their clash from last ish, and looks to train him to better use his powers. The lovefest ends quickly, though, when the League’s tactics cause Ethan to have flashbacks to the military experiments that transformed him into Damage. Batman may be the World’s Greatest Detective, but it might take more than a big brain to stop a power-house like Damage from setting his own path. And oh, what a path he chooses! Enter Damage: monster hunter!
  • ON SALE 01.23.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T

Created by writer Vendetti and artist Tony S. Daniel in this year’s Damage #1, Avery transforms into the powerful Damage for one hour as a result of top-secret experiments conducted on him by the military. While the new character has faced individual members of the League like Wonder Woman before, it looks like the entire ensemble will face him next time.

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Damage #13 is written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Aaron Lopresti. It is scheduled to go on sale on January 23, 2019 from DC Comics.

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