Pop-up Store “Key 20th Anniversary Shop Final” Opens! | Event News

“Key 20th Anniversary Shop Final”—a pop-up shop that looks back at the history of content maker Key, which welcomed its 20th anniversary in 2019—opened at THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER in Akihabara, Tokyo on Feb. 19. The event was previously held in Tokyo in November 2019 and will be held this year in Osaka, the final stop which will bring the event to a close.

The venue is decorated with visual panels from all of Key’s works, beginning with Kanon, giving fans of their games and anime the ability to relive the excitement of each one.

The venue features valuable items on display that fans don’t normally get to see, including fan goods that are currently hard to come by, signed scripts, and more. Fans can experience some of the materials that went into making their works. The event this time features a more complete collection of materials than was seen at previous holdings and includes valuable hand drawn artwork by Na-Ga and Itaru Hinoue. Fans can fully enjoy the worlds that Key has built up over the last 20 years.

Key event tickets and limited edition art panels of Angel that are hard to find nowadays
A banner featuring a group of heroines in celebration of Key’s 20th anniversary
An extra large banner signed by the staff and voice cast
Outfits worn by the heroines are also on display inside the store
Watercolor illustrations drawn by Na-Ga, who was in charge of artwork for Little Busters! and Angel Beats
An illustration drawn by Itaru Hinoue, who was in charge of artwork on Kanon, Air, and Clannad
A shikishi illustration drawn by E-ji Komatsu, who was in charge of artwork for Planetarian
Fans can appreciate countless items that can’t be seen anywhere else, including event pamphlets and shikishi signed by the staff and performers

In addition, event-limited goods are also on sale. The lineup includes new products for this event as well as all products sold at the previous event.

Staff-recommended capsule toy badges and a matching Little Busters! tote bag that recreates a baseball game
A Kanon tapestry drawn just for this event
A Clannad tapestry that also features specially drawn artwork
A hoodie featuring logos of popular Key series and a T-shirt recommended for fans of Little Busters! that features a unique logo we’ve seen somewhere before
The Key 20th Anniversary Commemorative Mini Art Board Collection is small and easy to collect
There are even unique items like these Trading Record Coasters created to look like vinyl records and their sleeve covers
Key 20th Anniversary Commemorative Big Acrylic Board features the 20th anniversary artwork made with heavy acrylic in a large size. This is also a popular product.

On Tokyo Otaku Mode, limited edition goods sold at the event will be available to ship worldwide. Of course, stocks will also be updated to include new products added to the event while it’s in session. Customers will be notified through a shop page and email magazine when sales begin, so if you’re a fan of Key make sure to check out TOM!

Click the banner to check out products celebrating Key’s 20th anniversary!

Event Details
■ Duration: Feb. 19 (Wed.) to Feb. 25 (Mon.), 2020
■ Times:
・Weekday: 12:00pm – 8:00pm
・Weekend: 10:00am – 8:00pm
■ Address: Chomp Chomp Akihabara 1F, 1-13 Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒101-0025

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