BNA to Stream First 6 Episodes On Netflix From Mar. 21! | Anime News

BNA: Brand New Animal, the latest TV anime from Trigger, will be hitting the airwaves from Apr. 8, while the first six episodes will also be streamed exclusively on Netflix from Mar. 21!

As well as the airdate, it has also been announced that Takashima Gara will be joining the cast as Barbaray Rose, the mole-rat human mayor of Anima City, Murase Michiyo as mink human Itami Mary, Naka Hiroshi as dog human police detective Tachiki Yuji, Yanaka Hiroshi as chicken human Animal-Human Consumers’ Co-operative head Jem Horner, Saitou Kimiko as wombat-human Animal-Human Consumers’ Co-operative vice-president Melissa Horner, Tadano Youhei as dolphin-boss mafia boss Giuliano Flip, and Otsuka Houchu as Japan’s Prime Minister Shiramizu.

Directed by Little Witch Academia’s Yoshinari You, and scripted by Promare’s Nakashima Kazuki, BNA takes place in a world in which “humans” and “animal humans” exist. One day, 17-year-old Michiru suddenly finds herself turned into a tanuki person and goes to live in Anima City, where humans and animal humans coexist, hoping to find out the reason for her transformation.

Previously announced cast members are Morohoshi Sumire as tanuki human Kagemori Michiru, Hosoya Yoshimasa as the human-hating wolf human Okami Shirou, Naganawa Maria as Michiru’s friend Hiwatashi Nazuna, and Ishikawa Kaitou as youthful CEO Alan Sylvasta.

BNA airs from Apr. 8, with episodes 1-6 streaming via Netflix from Mar. 21.

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